Sunday, 11 November 2012


Dear Reader, 

Admission:  I have quite a lot of clothes, most of which I do not wear.

(source: this is NOT my wardrobe but you get the idea!!!)

The purpose of this blog is primarily for me.  It's to motivate me to go through my wardrobe and reassess what I have got.  By that, I mean the following:
  • see what I need 
  • see what items I can match with other items, that I previously haven't
  • pass on anything that does not fit 
  • mend any damaged item.  
  • recycle where necessary.
  • hopefully make myself a bit more stylish with what I have
It's a big task, mainly as I have so little time but if you are like me, and want a change of look, without having to buy a whole new wardrobe, maybe we can enter this journey together?

There are plently of other blogs that are on a similar track.  I'm being inspired by:
These are just a few blogs I've found that are inspiring me to simplify, organise and hopefully become more stylish than ever before.  I'll add more blogs to the sidebar as and when I find them, feel free to recommend in the comments.

So what is my default current look:

Work: fairly smart - tailored dresses and cardigans mainly.  Trousers (pants), blouse/ top and cardiagns.  I don't need to wear a matching suit

Home: Jeans, jeans and jeans and the occasional skirt (I have lots but don't wear them as much as jeans!)

My work look I'm reasonably happy with.  I think I could wear more jewellery and I even recently made a jewellery holder, which I have found an effective way of getting me to wear my jewellery.  It's also made me realise gaps in my jewellery.  I'm getting more into larger, statement necklaces, which can lift a top or dress from nice to fabulous.  I don't wear silk scarves, but they have been floating in my head as something I should try as a look ?  Just writing that seems a bit too adventurous for me!

My home/ weekend look is chaotic.I have some nice outfits to the more laid back jeans and a t-shirt.  This is the area that I am going to work on more.  I want to be less drab and more fab.  For instance, I was staying in today and I'm wearing jeans (premium straight mid blue) and a 3/4 sleeve round neck navy T-shirt - both from Gap:

Slub boxy T
Less baggy version of this top.

So there is work to be done.

My first job is to go through my wardrobe and itemise my clothes.  I'll probably photograph everything, that might make like easier to mix and match maybe?  I'll be back when I have done that.  I'll start with autumn/ winter items, as that is what season I am in now.

I am not aiming to buy a ton of new stuff, if I do have to get anything then I'll need it to fit in with the look I'm going for (still to be decided).

Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment.


A drab Claire

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